I was recently reading a blog called The Process is the Point. This got me thinking about what I love to do which is in fact my job.

It’s conversations – the listening, the giving of silence and pithy relevant questions in the safe space that evokes awareness, brings on progress and opportunity.

It’s the natural curiosity that guides me not some false tick box exercise in my head that I believe I should cover or how it can help me. It’s about the person or people at the other side of the conversation who are important to me or more importantly their content of ideas, new thinking and musing.

Great conversations are based on an equal honest understanding that there is nothing else on the agenda other than that which we are talking about. There are no hidden agendas. If there are, it’s not a great conversation integrity is lost and there are no winners.

It is the conversation that is the point not the hidden agendas but what is beautifully created in the moment through great listening, presence, insightful questions with an understanding of what has been learnt.

What are you dying to talk about in a safe vacuum?

Lets have a conversation…no strings attached.

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