Find meaning in the minute.

There is an increasing desire for people

To make the best use of their time.

To have and use the best productivity habits

To fill every moment with an outcome and or activity

So when they look back

They feel they made the best use of that.

In the process ‘they’ have created an anxiety

Around the need to do more.

Be more.

To show to ourselves they have lived.

So how can they, you and I find meaning in the minute?

Maybe its the fact you arent doing the latest productivity hack

You are doing what comes to mind

A walk

A pause by the kettle

The noticing of what you are happy with

The value you have taken from the day so far

And the strengths that you have that make uniquely special and you.

Finding meaning in a minute doesn’t have to be complex

As an expert of yourself

What would that be for you?

Image by Martin Adams on Unsplash

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