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Lizzie Rhodes James coaches today’s greatest leaders, for tomorrow’s greatest leadership challenges. And that’s tricky.

It’s tricky because the rules of the game change. Organisations and the markets they serve change. And leaders themselves change.

That’s why – above all else – it is a leaders Inner Strength that is Lizzie’s main focus. It’s the best way to win.


Inner strength is portable. You take it with you, applying it to your unique and immediate need.

And a leader’s Inner Strength is as powerful as it is fragile. It is invisible yet obvious at the same time.

You feel it inside you. And you sense it in others.

A leader’s Inner Strength is as important as it intangible. And it is Lizzie’s entire focus.

Lizzie Rhodes James Inner Strength


On a practical level, Lizzie delivers face-to-face 1:1 coaching, remote 1:1 coaching and team coaching as one-off events or programmes – around the world.


01: Lizzie Rhodes James – Credentials. A concise overview of Lizzie. (Coming soon).

02: Inner Strength. Genesis, description, application. How Inner Strength changes all. (Coming soon).

03: Lizzie Rhodes James – Coaching. How leadership coaching and a focus on Inner Strength changes all. (Coming soon).

04: Lizzie Rhodes James – Teams. How leaders influence groups, even when they think they aren’t. Inner Strength for and within teams. (Coming soon).


Tell me who you are and I’ll call you today or tomorrow. When I’ll ask you 3 critical questions to help you focus on the year ahead. Thank you.


Setting milestones and understanding the change you want is important. But it’s just as important to understand where we are – before we set off on our journey together.

Building on your Inner Strength is really enjoyable.

It’s permanent change. You take it with you.

“Creating great leaders
has been my goal for 25 years.

Leadership itself is not my job.
It’s theirs. It’s contextual.

I enable. So when opportunity
comes – they’re ready.”

Lizzie Rhodes James. Founder


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Lizzie’s focus is on the leader. Not leadership.

“I believe in leaders. Not just leadership. Because leadership is contextual. All situations unique. Generic principles are no good. So – for me – it is all about the Inner Strength of the leader. Then they can take that with them. Anywhere.”


Lizzie balances three key areas of focus.

Three key areas of focus

CREATIVITY. Randomness. Weirdness. Emotion. Bravery. Openness. Crucial elements to maximising the Inner Strength of the leader. We celebrate them all.

INSIGHT. Lizzie’s experience goes back over 25 years. Lizzie’s qualifications and membership associations are far reaching. You can take a closer look at Lizzie’s journey in Lizzie’s Journal. This insight ‘checks and balances’ everything.

PRECISION. All work is aimed at a scenario or scenarios. Either real world or anticipated. Hypothetical is nothing – precise application is everything.

Lizzie Rhodes James Precision

Lizzie Rhodes James, Founder.
Lizzie Rhodes James.
Clyde House, Reform Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire.
SL6 8BY. Company No. 08511062.

HELLO 2021

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Lizzie’s Book Reviews.
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