Hi there

When I was thinking about the components of what I do things seem to come together in threes.

The patterns that I see and hear.

The creative models that I devise for clients in the moment.

The concepts I create and the processes I use.

Its funny how the heart of my business and what I do is about inner strength.

Strength or in my case inner strength starts with three.

The Triangle

As the strongest shape, the triangle, has three sides.

I see my triangle as a collection of 9 triangles.

All strong three sided components that make one even stronger component my triangle.

It is in fact my logo.


So when it comes to process it was no surprise that it came in threes.

I work with three components.

Which make the leaders and teams I work with stronger.

These are:

1. Creativity

We celebrate the randomness, weirdness, emotion, bravery and openness of the leader. We celebrate and optimise them all.

2. Insight

It’s the combination of my 25 years knowledge and experience and the connections in the moment with the client. The checks and balances are everything.

3. Precision

All work is aimed at a scenario or scenarios. Either real world or anticipated. Hypothetical is nothing – precise application is everything.

Three is an important number for me. It’s the fundamentals of inner strength building and inner strength maintenance.

What are your top three?

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