Last week I was talking to a busy professional on her birthday. We had snuck in a short call in the morning between balancing about 6 things in the air.

I knew this lady enjoyed quality clothing, food and travel and wasnt shy of spending a few bob.

So I asked her

“What would be your best birthday present?”

I was anticipating some quality product or experience. However she replied:

“Someone else deciding what we are going to eat later”

In a world of plenty that might seem too simple and for those looking for food to survive a luxury.

But when it comes to the crunch it is the simple things that we crave for.

What I have learnt as I have conversations that even the simplest human needs have become over complicated by the luxury of choice.

Easing up decision making really helps.

So when your nearest and dearest has a special occasion try not assume that some amazing expensive gift will win the day.

Ask and then listen.

You will often find its the simple things like peace and quiet, sleep, playing a game with the family, a walk in the country or some quiet while they consume their favourite beverage.

These are the things that make us stronger and happy.

What is your best birthday present?

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