At a time when I have been given more space.

The type of space where I have more time to control.

I sense the need to make the best use of the time.

So when I look back I know I have made best use of the time.

Whether playing games with my children, keeping fit, reading, writing and or answering the soul question what is my purpose and gives me meaning.


I am nervous as to what will be the measure of this time.

Just doing is not enough for me.

It has to be meaningful.

Perhaps that is it.

When the doing I do has meaning to those I love and care for.

For the things that I care for that give value for others and the future of the environment.

It follows my deep purpose.

This makes me stronger and adds clarity to my day.

I know when I deliver on this there will be no hesitation that what I did with my time will be successful.

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