The Cure for a Speeding Mind

When you look outside

And watch the clouds.

They show us how fast or slow

The outdoor environment is moving.

Do you ever think

About how fast and slow your mind is whirling?

If you were to describe your mind as clouds,

How fast and slow would your clouds be going?

The speed of our mind can impact on our choices and actions.

And the quality of what we are doing.

When we allow ourselves to pause and pace ourselves

Is when we can be the most effective.

As we don’t feel under pressure

As our mind is broad and in a position to build*

So one option

Rather than watch them

Have a go at getting outside


Walking or standing outside

Allows us to pace ourselves.

As you get outside

How did you manage to slow your mind

So the pace of your own clouds

Allowed you to make the best choices.

* Barbara Fredrickson – Broaden and Build Theory

Image by Paolo Chiabrando

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