Pace is your guide.

If you walked the pace of your mind how fast would you be walking?

We all know that life feels faster than ever before.

We have things at our finger tips.

That allow us to do more.

And in so doing speeds up our mind.

And in theory it allows us do more.

However have you ever stopped.

And paused to note.

What you are doing is no different than before?

Your doing is wrapped with things that don’t matter.

Or filled with things so you can escape for a while.

You see the best pace

Is not about moving fast and doing lots of things.

It is what you do.

By slowing down.

And noticing .

What is actually working.

What fun you are having.

What you should be doing more or less of.

So when you get out for your daily walk.

You know the pace you are walking is also the pace you are thinking.

And more importantly the pace you are doing.

Image by Dmitry Schemelev

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