Some days you can conquer anything.

Other days its hard to get out of bed.

The conquering days go by with decisions, progress, writing, collaboration or simply put you do, think and take action.

The other days seem to drift by from one unfinished task to the next.

It reminds me of Gary Halbert writing letters to his son from prison in The Boron Letters when he talked about just that. He woke one day in the ‘I dont feel like working’ mode and he just started writing. He then paid attention to ‘signals from his brain and body’ and if things were that bad he stopped.

Its strange and somewhat scary to to think that even those you most admire have off days as they seem to hold it all together.

“Most of the world’s work is done by people who didn’t feel much like getting out of bed” Gary Halbert The Boron Letters

No one is immune to off days. However we can reduce the chance of it happening, reduce the drag and increase the chance of being 10 /10 by sleeping, resting, nutritious food and exercise.

When did you last support your 10/10 mode?

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