No one sets out to breed weak leaders.

It’s just at the time, it seems easier to leave the status quo than do the ‘right’ thing.

In so doing we breed weak leaders, develop our own style of being a weak leader and dont make the progress we wish to.


You turn up in a new role.

You are aware of the people who will be in your team and imminent needs of the business. You have a clear vision of what is required and the changes you wish to take to allow progress to be as smooth as possible.


You are pulled between making changes with the team and risking decoupling things too much and leaving things as they are. You are human and know the emotional implications that might happen if you make the changes. You want to appear that you dont make changes too quickly and try and make things work as they are. The status quo wins the day.

3,6,12,18 months go by. As time continues you look back to those early days when you thought about making changes. You wish you had. Feeling isolated and not ready / strong enough to make them you are now picking up the pieces.

In the process you have become a weak leader, the people in your team continue to be weak leaders. Through protecting people you have supported their weaknesses and developed your own through not having the strength to do what is needed.

There are no winners in breeding weak leaders. Strength comes from doing the right thing in the moment. Weakness breeds weakness.

Are you guilty of breeding weak leaders?

How are you going to maintain your strength to be a strong leader?

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