If, like me, you wish there were more hours in the day have a go with these 5 quick wins to optimise your week.

1. Set your alarm 1.5 hours before anyone else in the house.

I find that the only time of the day that you have any control over is before the working day starts. People are less likely to be drawing on you and your resources and so its a time to get stuff done.

It is also the best time to take some exercise. I so remember as a junior manager organising my packed lunch with anticipation of going for a run only for someone to come by my desk for a ‘quick chat’. Inevitably the quick chat ended up taking up the whole lunchtime and my game was over. So whether its a run around the block, a swim in the local pool or some yoga / pilates using a Youtube video, its a time to fit in some strength building for yourself.

2. Stick to your going to bed time

You might think that getting up early is out of the question but it starts with a consistent going to bed time. To be able to use the time in the morning, in fact all day, wisely you need to be rested.

3. Ask yourself – Is what I am doing now giving impact to my business today?

You have given yourself the extra time and now it’s time to use it wisely rather than be drawn into other jobs that can wait or worse loosing the time chasing a thread around social media. Before you start something, ask yourself is what I am about to start doing going to help me make progress today?

4. Leave your phone in the room next door

Even the most disciplined person can be drawn to the addictive nature of the content of our phones. By leaving your phone out of reach and out of sight you can concentrate on the important things in life.

5. Learn – ask yourself at the end of the day.

Did I optimise my extra time? If not what can I do differently tomorrow so I do? Have a go at putting into place your learnings tomorrow.

How do you manage to gain an extra day in the week?

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