It is not doing something on impulse or doing what you want to as its unlikely to be useful.

It’s about being consistent in a certain way that connects you as a human.

Or as Nadia Bolz-Weber beautifully puts it:

“Speak from your scars not your open wounds”

The Wounds

Are the raw events.

The missed promotions.

The redundancies.

The divorce.

The child bereavement.

The lost mountain path.

The project that didnt turned out as planned.

The emotional turmoil……

The Scars

These are the marks that are left behind.

The strategies that have evolved to overcome the wound.

Like the management of your ego when events impact you directly.

The ability to change to words that you can spell rather than expose the dyslexia.

The approaches you apply when you dont have paid work to pay the bills.

The strategies you have so you don’t get lost on a mountain.

The mental strength that you have built up and now utilise through your approaches.

No one is immune to wounds and scars its how we communicate the scars not the wounds that make us truly authentic.

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