Hi there.

I had a thought recently. About leaders and their teams. What are the components that make them work at their strongest. How the components work together. What makes them stronger. This led me to triangles.


Triangles are the strongest shape. They consist of other triangles. They stack differently for each of us. They stack differently depending on the circumstance.

Stacking triangles

The components of your triangles will be full of the components that make you stronger. From your experience, the things you love to do and whizzy ways that you like to go about what you do.

How your triangle is stacked today may be different to other days but it has the same components.

Some days it feels like the stack works in your favour and makes you feel stronger. Other days it feels like the stack works against you.

Inner strength

What guides your stack is your own inner strength.

The ability to not just call on the things that you want to do but get on a do them.

It’s important that you have the strength to guide your stack.

You will feel stronger for it and those around you will reap the rewards too.

Each component of your stack needs nurturing and looking after.

Giving yourself permission to establish what is in your stack and also time to nurture and build your stack will strengthen you.

How will you stack your triangle to make you stronger?

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