I’m definitely going to start doing these. Podcasts. I’m just not sure when. Probably the middle of 2020. Again, please sign up to my INNER STRENGTH newsletter to find out first.

About Lizzie’s Podcasts.

OK, here’s my plan.

Each one will be 15 minutes long. And each one will be an INTENSIVE HIT of Inner Strength. Just for you.

I will inspire you!

Lizzie’s Podcast will be monthly to start with. And I’ll see how I go. I may do them every two weeks if I am exploding with ideas.

15 Minutes.

And 15 minutes should be enough. I talk quickly. (Except when I’m coaching. Then I mainly just listen hard).

When I am podcasting, I’ll probably breathe in once every 5 minutes or so. Then just talk and talk and talk.

So prepare your ears! And your mind. For an INTENSIVE HIT of Inner Strength.

Coming in the middle of 2020.


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