I read a book each week. I have done for years. So I thought I’d start to review them. For you.

Every book is about leadership, or some business related subject that is a neighbour of leadership. So if that’s your thing, keep calling back and definitely sign up to my newsletter. Because that’s where you’ll read about what I’m reviewing first.

Review Structure.

The review structure is really neat and consistent.

I’ll review one book each week in 2020.

It’ll be 300 words. That’s about a 3 minute read.

I’ll mark the book out of 5, in three areas. These are:

1. CREATIVITY. How interesting and innovative the book was.
2. INSIGHT. What it’ll teach you.
3. PRECISION. Exactly how you can apply what it will teach you.

And that’s it.

I’ll summarise each month’s reviews at the end of each month. And a ‘league’ will develop as-we-go.

I’m interested in seeing how that pans out, myself!

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