LIZZIE BOOK REVIEW 06: Tribes by Seth Godin

Welcome to the Lizzie Book Review for Tribes by Seth Godin

All Lizzie Book Reviews are a 3 minute read, and in this format:

  1. Why I Chose This Book.
  2. The Review (under 300 words)
  3. My scores for Creativity, Insight and Precision.
1. Why I Chose This Book.

Tribes are an increasing part of the world of a leader. Seth Godin is a thought provoking writer. The combination of these two drew me to this book.

QUOTE:  “Most of all we’re stuck acting like managers or employees instead the leaders we could become. We’re embracing a factory instead of a tribe”

2. The Review.

Some might argue that tribes and leaders have been around for centuries and more latterly in the western world with other names. Tribes are where you will gain your momentum and energy to be the best leader. Godin outlines in his own way what you should consider as you do.

In true Seth Godin style of writing, he makes you think. It doesnt matter what stage of leading you are in, new or been in it for a while, there are things to learn. Some bits will remind you of what you already know, others of what you know and its been on the to do list for a while, and others some concise options as to how to grow a tribe.

The book isnt organised in sections and chapters but small writings about specific topics. Each piece of writing is to the point. You could pick up the book on any page and take in a learning from that short writing.

QUOTE: “In unstable times, growth comes from leaders who create change and engage their organisations instead of from managers who push their employees to do more for less”

3. My scores for Creativity, Insight and Precision.

CREATIVITY – How interesting and innovative was it?
The notion of tribes and leaders is becoming an important debate. In Godin’s true style he encourages you to see things from a different perspective. I guess the discussions may be familiar. But that to me is the point. Although not new, its arguably an innovative thought provoking book for any leader that might result in action (rather than just knowing).


INSIGHT – What will it teach you?
The key message for me was midway through the book with a clear and simple way as to how to build and maintain a tribe. As Godin says, we are all leaders in todays world. I would argue that whatever you stage of leader journey you are on this book has an important message for us all.


PRECISION – How exactly can you apply what it teaches?
The layout of the book has two opportunities. The first isn’t prescriptive in its format allowing the creative leaders among you to pick out what will strengthen you. The other opportunity is the need to simplifying all the messages. This isnt a book that hands things on a plate which is good as our needs and wants are all different.



QUOTE: “Every Tribe is different. Every leader is different. The very nature of leadership is that you are not doing what’s been done before. If you are, you’ll be following not leading””

Should I buy the book?

If you would like a book that gives you a brief background and shows you how:


If you would like a book with stories and long hand examples that you could twist a little to fit your context:


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