Build momentum with the tiniest of steps.

In a world where we are seeking progress.

And completion to tasks.

It can feel that it is so big.

And time consuming.

That we just wont get started.


We seem to forget that it all starts

With a tiny step forward.

Metaphorically or physically.

Here is a three step process to just get started:

1. What is your idea or task?

Something for you, your loved ones and or your paid job.

2. What is one thing that would get the ball rolling?

Could be a word on a page, sitting down with a pen in hand, putting your shoes on or opening the door.

3. Then after reading this. Give yourself a moment to just do #2 and see what happens.

What is your initial tiny step today

That will give you the feeling

That its not that hard


You’ll just get on with the job in hand?

Photo by Timothy Dykes

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