Having a great start to the day begins

With having a great end to the day.

I have come to notice recently.

That the old idea that how you

Start the day.


How the day goes.

Isn’t necessarily the best place to start.

As I’m coming to the conclusion.


Its actually how you finish your day.

That gives the best start to your next day.

Here are 5 ways you can help make that happen:

1. Reflect on your successes however large or small.

2. Collect up your lessons learnt as they will provide the foundation for an even better day tomorrow.

3. Plan for the next day. So when the time comes you are focused and ready to go.

4. Rest with whatever makes you relax.

5. Get to bed in good time. So you can sleep and be in the best place for tomorrow.

6. Get outside and allow the powers of nature to recharge your batteries.

When you wonder how to turn up as a pro.

Start by doing the best things the night before.

These ideas were reinforced by the work of David Hieatt and Mike Coulter of Do Lectures and the Keyboard CEO course

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