Autonomy wins the day.

Its subtle and powerful all in one.

Each of us needs a different balance – what’s yours?

Its times when we feel.

We have some space to move about.

To be creative.

To do things using our ideas and thoughts.

Not being constrained by rules.


Being told what to do.




It’s that feeling you get as a child when out in the wind.

You run and dance as if wild.

Feeling free

To manoeuvre.

In just enough space that allows

You to feel comfortable and not frightened.

So how can we keep this inner free spirit?

Lack of boundaries and direction.

Can be restricting as there is too much choice.

So what can you do?

As a manager

Give some boundaries and focus

And let your great people

Use their strengths and creativity.

To do the best work.

How about today you take a step back

And just let go and allow others do.

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