What do you see when you look at the colour of autumn leaves?

The beauty in the range of colours.

The different patterns as they lay on the floor.

The sunlight shinning on them enriching the colour.

What do you feel?

How do you connect with that feeling?

These pleasant feelings are treasures.

Treasures come in many disguises

Sometimes in what we see.

What we experience.

We have treasures of our own.

Sitting inside us.

Some we share willingly.

Others we hide.

Probably because of fear

Of what we think might happen when we do.

Just like the autumn leaves

We have multitude of colours and different patterns to share

How can you share your true colours?

What happens if we don’t share our full colours?

You see

It can start with a bit of paper and pen

To list the things that you love to do

Anything else?

I might ask you

And again

Anything else?

Are there any surprises.

How do you share these things that you do?

List three things

Is there anything else you can do to show more of your colours?

List three things

Now how do you feel?

You see we all have colours

And patterns to what we love to do

Being conscious or when and how we do

Can add to your progress to the route to success.

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