Pace for understanding

Do you have a tendency to.

Talk fast

When passionate about a topic.



Keen to get your point across?

Many of us do this.

Yet in the process the message gets hidden.


All the preparation you have done kind of goes out of the window.

Learning to pause.

And slowing down is a gift you can give yourself.

Running quickly to get to the end.

Rarely gives what we want.

So when you know the stakes are high

And there is a high probability that your words will come out too fast.

Consider a reminder a note on the page or a feeling you get.

When you know its time to

Consciously take a breath.

Slow down.

And take the time to

Share you thoughts, great work and point of you.

It’s when you slow down others will understand.

Because they can hear every word


Will benefit from what you have said.


“slow is smooth, smooth is fast”


Photo by James Lee on Unsplash

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