Navigating the blind side.

Ever watched a 1 year old play hide and seek?

They hide behind a cloth not realising that you can see them.

It’s just you cant see their eyes.

It’s almost as if they are blind to the reality of what is going.

This can continue.

We can go about what we do.

Others watch what we do.

And they realise that there are patterns of great doing.

And patterns that don’t serve so well.

There are parts of what we do that others can see.

And we cant.

This is the blind side.*

So how can you discover your blind side?

Here are a few starting points:

What is it I would like to accomplish / be better at?

Who would be the best person to work with?

When will you start?

Only you can take the lead in navigating your blind side.

*The Johari window

Photo by Kristine Weilert on Unsplash

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