Since the moment paid work wasn’t in the home or local surroundings we have had to commute.

This took up time which otherwise could have been used doing things with family and friends.

More recently the commute has involved different forms of transport.

And has created a preparation time for body and brain.

Now we have moved back to the home for work.

The preparation time we had disappeared

As the distance from rest to work to play reduced to all but nothing.

This has removed freedom of thought from the walking.

Reduced or disappeared learning time.

And the chance to take some exercise.

Athletes call this time ‘warm up’ where they prepare body and mind for the work ahead.

I watch and hear about how people are building ‘commuting’ time into their day.

Not because they need to get to a new location but its a time for preparation or ‘warm up’.

How are you commuting so you prepare yourself for your best work?

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