Hi there, things are evolving. I’ll be starting my Lizzie Hub in March. Based in a local great coffee shop. They are all about you having the right balance between business fitness and personal fitness. It can be done. Again, please sign up to my INNER STRENGTH newsletter to find out more.

About Lizzie’s Hub.

OK, here’s my plan.

Each one will be 90 minutes. Walking, running and or biking distance from home and public transport.

It’s about optimising the energy levels at both ends of the business and personal seesaw. We will share and inspire each other to keep the energy levels on track. Simple easy to use options. There will be guests and we will utilise the experiences in the room.

I will inspire you!

Lizzie’s Hub will be monthly to start with. And I’ll see how we go.

Focused fitness time.

This is an area I have been researching, learning and sharing for 30+ years. I am it and its a passion and purpose of mine.

So prepare yourself for a unique approach and content that will maintain your energy levels for both you and your business.

Coming in the third week in March 2020.


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