Thriving is a human desire

We seek each day to find, feel and see those thriving moments.

Each one adds to our strength

Like layers in a cake

And they come in waves (ideally consistently and continuously)


It starts with the simplicity of human life needs.

Routine, nourishment and connection.

I have come to the conclusion.

Its these simple 10 things that will allow you to ride your thriving wave.

I see it working through the day in my mind and in my actions.


Sleep starts not ends your day.

Its the power pack that allows us to replenish and ponder unconsciously.

Have your alarm set not to wake you but to prompt you to go to bed.


Is what we aim to wake to.

Not that we can be void of noise but void of thinking and doing.

Find the silence before you get up.


Is that sense we have when we are alone metaphorically and or physically.

Feel that solitude (children aside) and stand on your own with nothing and nobody.

Eyes shut imagining you are in the middle of nowhere.


Is special to every living cell in your body.

What you need now is different to me.

The food your body needs now is unique.

Seek out what is right for you. Not the latest book.

Make a list of things you feel your body will benefit from.

Consume them

Make a list of the things you will remove from your house that your body doesn’t benefit from.

Bin them.


Is the fuel that feeds your imagination.

Have and use a jug for the day.

It will be the measure of your strength endurance.


Is the fuel for thinking.

For planning.

For getting you in peak performance for your doing.

Once dressed.

Get moving whether a walk, a work out or swim.

Getting in nature

Is the fuel for listening.

For looking, seeing and noticing.

For creating your own art.

Bringing that creativity back to your doing.

Find a local spot (ideally with trees) and go there each day (ideally a different spot each day.

Bring one thing back into the house that reminds you of the outdoors. A leaf, a twig, a flower..


Is the layer for understanding

For learning and

For building ideas

Count to 5 before you talk


“Is the gateway to thinking” Do lectures

Allows curiosity to shine

Ask yourself at the end of each day what was the best question I asked today?

Being you

Is the best and most import layer to thriving.

Did you deliver a thriving you today?

Photo by fikry anshor on Unsplash

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